Custom Domain Setup

NOTE: Custom domain configuration requires subscription a Premium plan.

Enterprise customers looking to leverage a custom domain or subdomain for their workspace can work with Knapsack's Help team to configure an alias using the following workflow:

Setup Workflow

  1. Customer to confirm:
    1. preferred domain/subdomain
    2. ability / permission to generate or secure and edit the corresponding DNS records.
  2. Knapsack will configure the alias in our platform back end and notify customer once complete.
  3. Customer to:
    1. Add the following DNS entries (using brand as the example subdomain chosen):
      1. CNAME brand
      2. CAA brand 0 issue ""
      3. The entries should look like the following:

    2. Confirm with Knapsack once set up
  4. Knapsack will verify the settings and finalize setup

Expectations + Limitations

  • Changes may take several days to take effect across all users and regions.
  • In the example provided, any users visiting will automatically be directed to[siteid]; it will not be possible to browse other Knapsack workspaces using the domain.
  • If you'd like to use a subdomain, like or, your DNS provider doesn't need to support anything special (just normal CNAME records)
  • If you want to use an apex / root custom domain (such as or, your DNS provider will need to support either ALIAS / ANAME or CNAME flattening.
  • Knapsack does not currently support redirects to folders on your site eg:, please use a subdomain eg: