Hide Pages


Knapsack enables workspace administrators to mark certain pages or sections as "hidden," which prevents them from appearing in the navigation for Viewer users or non-logged-in users visiting a public workspace (or when viewing the workspace in Preview mode).

Hidden pages will be denoted to Editors and Admins with lighter color text within the navigation (see GIF below)

NOTE: Hidden pages are still accessible via direct link to any user with access to the workspace in general.

Use Cases

  • Admin / Editor-facing content not relevant to general visitors
  • In-progress components and content that are not yet ready for general access
  • Experimental components and resources that need to be shared selectively
  • Team-specific components and subsections


Setup via the Web UI

To toggle a page's visibility:

  1. Click on the ••• button next to the page within a menu
  2. Select "Hide page" or "Show page"

Setup via Local Development

Pages and Groups can be hidden by editing the knapsack.navs.json file directly.

To mark any page or group as hidden, add the following property to the nav item in the JSON:

"hidden": true

NOTE: When marking any parent item as hidden, all children will also be set to hidden by default.

Example Implementation

Resulting Behavior