February 2022 - Cloud Authoring Improvements

Cloud authoring UI + workflow improvements

We’ve made a few notable improvements:
  • Git <> Knapsack branch syncing
    • Branches created in Knapsack are now always in sync between the Cloud workspace and the underlying Git repo
    • Branches with open Pull Requests are now more clearly labeled as ‘under review’ in the cloud UI, and editors are able to continue making changes (additional ‘commits’) to the branch, updating the PR
  • Menu separation and clarification
    • Branch actions (commit, publish, request review, discard changes, delete) are now centralized in a single action menu with more clear language for cloud editors
  • In-app message and alert clarification
    • Action and error (e.g. merge conflict) messages have updated placement, behavior, and language to provide clearer direction to users
  • Performance improvements 
    • Updates to data requests to improve load time for branch menus, particularly in instances with high numbers of simultaneous active branches