March 2022 - Workspace Customization Updates

Editable home page 

You now also have the ability to customize the home page for your workspace. Add a title, description, and background image that reflects your company’s branding. 

Page header customization 

You now have the ability to customize the appearance of a page’s header by selecting a background color, background image, text colors, and header size. Choose from multiple header sizes to give your page a custom look and demonstrate your design system in action. 
Don’t forget that admin users have access to even more customization options like adding a logo, giving your workspace a name, adjusting side navigation colors, and enabling/disabling side navigation icons. 

Hide pages from navigation 

Workspace administrators now have the ability to hide certain pages or sections from design system consumers (view only users). Editors and Admins will still be able to access and edit these pages, but they will no longer be visible to viewers.