Custom Typography


As of 12/2/22 — Alongside the NEW Workspace Settings Dashboard comes the ability to add and use custom typography within the Knapsack UI.

In this document, you'll learn how to add your own custom fonts and configure the Knapsack UI to use them.

Adding a custom font

Adding custom fonts is easy! Follow the steps below to begin customizing your workspace's typography:

  1. Navigate over to the NEW Workspace Settings Dashboard (in the top right menu, click "Settings")
  2. Next, click on the "Custom Font" configuration
  3. Click the "+ Add a Font" button
  4. Add the font's details:
    1. Font Name (display name within the system)
    2. Font Weight
    3. Font Styles
    4. Font URL to .woff2 file — for example, Google "Playfair Display":

  5. When finished, click the blue "Save Changes" button

Applying a custom font

After you've added a custom font, it's time to apply it to the UI.

  1. Navigate to the typographic element you'd like to customize (for this example, we'll navigate to Page Title)
  2. Click the "Font Family" select menu and choose the new custom font

  3. Click the blue "Save Changes" button
  4. You've just configured your first custom font! 🎉

Further typography customizations!

We didn't stop at just custom type faces! We've also integrated design tokens and provided several other configurable properties:

  • Color — Customize the text color with either a custom hex code OR by selecting from your workspace's design tokens!
  • Font Size — Pixels are supported, but we recommend REMs to keep your typography fluid.
  • Font Weight — Values between 100 and 900 are supported in increments of 50.
  • Letter Spacing — Adjusts the horizontal space between characters.
  • Line Height — Values with or without (recommended) units are supported.