Managing Design Tokens in Knapsack

Adding design tokens to your Knapsack workspace can help your team define, document, and distribute color, typography, and other core styling properties to your design system users. 

Editing existing design tokens

Click on any existing design token to edit it using the right-side panel.

Users can add unique token values (e.g., a hex code for color) or map the token to another token's value using the auto-complete feature in the Value field.

Managing Color Tokens via the Design Tokens content block

In addition to the Tokens manager UI, color tokens can be managed directly within the Design Tokens content block.

Available Edit Actions

When working in Edit mode, users have the following actions available:

  • Edit the token value
  • Add metadata
  • Delete token

Editing Color Token Values

There are two methods available for defining the value of a token:

Enter or select a specific color value

Select another color token to reference

Tokens that are set to reference other tokens will indicate this in the UI once changes are saved:

Publishing your changes

When you're ready to publish or submit your changes, use the Publish / Request Review button in the top right to kick off a commit, review, or publishing workflow.