Pattern Statuses


Statuses are tied to Pattern Pages and are a key coordinating feature within Knapsack. They provide an in-context indication of the state of a pattern at any particular time. Statuses are very flexible, simple to manage and capable of being adopted into your governance model however your team sees fit.

Defining Status Sets

Currently, you must define statuses locally via code.

In the  data folder of your Knapsack instance, open the file called knapsack.patterns.json. You’ll see a key for statusSets: [] where you can define any number of Status Sets.

<code>{   "statusSets": [     {       "id": "design",       "title": "Design",       "statuses": [         { "id": "needs-design", "title": "Needs Design", "color": "#0C8FAC" },         { "id": "ready", "title": "Ready", "color": "#00b600" },         { "id": "needs-updated", "title": "Needs Update", "color": "#6b51f7" }       ]     },     {       "id": "react",       "title": "React",       "statuses": [         { "id": "unset", "title": "Unset", "color": "#403e41" },         { "id": "needs-dev", "title": "Needs Development", "color": "#0C8FAC" },         { "id": "needs-updated", "title": "Needs Update", "color": "#6b51f7" },         { "id": "needs-qa", "title": "Needs QA", "color": "#fc8a4b" },         { "id": "needs-approval", "title": "Needs Approval", "color": "#f0e034" },         { "id": "ready", "title": "Ready", "color": "#00b600" },         { "id": "wont-build", "title": "Won't Build", "color": "#ededed" }       ]     }   ] }

You can see that each Status Set has a unique ID, title and a list of statuses. Each status option has a unique ID, title and color (color may be any valid css color value).

Adjusting a Pattern Status

Statuses are manually adjusted by default. So long as you’re logged in with the necessary permissions, you can change any one of a pattern's status. In order for this change to be seen by others, it needs to be entered into the system by Proposing a Change or otherwise merging and deploying as a git pull request.

Monitoring All Pattern Statuses

Monitor and adjust the statuses of all patterns using the Pattern Status Table block, which you can place on any page.

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