Publishing Changes to Your Workspace

Introduction to Knapsack's Publishing Workflow

When working from the Cloud environment, changes are saved manually by following the Propose Change workflow.

Knapsack's Propose Change functionality enables all Admins and Editors to contribute to the design system via the Knapsack UI. 

When a change is proposed via the UI, Knapsack creates a pull request ("PR") in the connected git repo with your changes, allowing the change set to be entered as a permanent record in the version history timeline of your design system.

In order to publish a change to the Cloud workspace, the PR will need to be merged in the git repo. See below for detailed instructions on each workflow.


  • When working in the Cloud, changes are saved in your local browser cache until you submit a PR via the Propose Change workflow. Until you propose a change, only you will be able to see your changes.
  • The Propose Change feature is only currently supported on GitHub-backed workspaces.
  • Users working in a Local environment do not need to use the Propose Change workflow, as changes are written immediately to their local files. Local users contribute using standard git operations.

Proposing a Change

After making changes or contributions to the system via Knapsack's Cloud UI, follow the steps below to save your changes and submit them for review.

Steps to propose a change

  1. After you have made changes to your system via the Knapsack UI, click Propose Change from the main settings menu.
  2. In the form modal that appears, provide a Title (required) and Description (optional) for the PR. The information entered here will become a permanent record in version history of your system, so it’s worth taking the time to provide a clear explanation. 
  3. Once ready, click the “Propose Changes” button. Once ready, click the “Propose Changes” button. 
  4. Once the PR is created, a toast modal will appear in the bottom right of the screen providing a link to the PR in the connected git repo. in. 

How this pull request is managed will be up to your team’s governance model and how you set up Knapsack to handle content changes. Some teams opt to have them directly merged into the master branch and deployed, providing transparency into the current state of the system in real time, while others prefer an approval process to complete (e.g. adding the coded component before publishing the design assets + docs). For guidance on your workflow, reach out to us at


Publishing an Update

Updates are made to the cloud workspace by merging changes from a PR into the main branch and releasing an update.

If you're not an engineering or not familiar with git, don't worry! Follow the simple process below to publish your changes.

NOTE: Be sure to work with your Engineering and DevOps teams to establish or leverage existing git approval workflows.

Steps to publish a proposed change (merge a PR)

  1. Navigate to the PR in the git repo connected to your workspace
  2. Merge the PR

After the robots do their thing for a few minutes, you'll see your changes up live on the workspace!