How do I review, approve, and revert changes to my design system using Knapsack?

Knapsack enables teams to lean into trusted, established workflows where possible, especially when it comes to managing your code.

Because all of the data powering your Knapsack workspace - from configuration to content to system code - lives within the source repository for your system, all governance workflows happen via your team's existing DevOps processes for reviewing, approving, and merging pull requests (PRs) in Git.

This means teams have the full capabilities afforded by Git when working with their workspace, including versioning, reversion, conflict resolution, etc.

From the web UI, users can revert ("undo") in-progress edits, as well as switch between different branches in progress prior to committing or publishing changes. Released updates cannot be reverted via the web UI.

For more information, see Publishing Changes to Your Workspacein Knapsack