How do I version my design system using Knapsack?

Knapsack enables teams to lean into trusted, established workflows where possible, especially when it comes to managing and distributing your versioned system code.

Because all of the data powering your Knapsack workspace - from configuration to content to system code - lives within the source repository for your system, you have total control over your DevOps processes. 

For detailed information on how the Knapsack application recognizes and displays versions, see our technical documentation on versioning.

If needed, Knapsack's Customer Success team can help you build out pipelines and workflows using tools like NPM to make distribution and consumption of your system easy for everyone. Contact us any time at

The Cloud UI can also be used for reviewing changes submitted as a PR - whether from the Cloud UI via the Propose Change workflow or via traditional code management workflows. When reviewing PRs, Knapsack provides a temporary deployment URL, where reviewers can see the proposed changes directly in the Cloud UI.

For more information, see Publishing Changes to Your WorkspaceChange and Versioning