User Accounts, Plans, and Pricing

For clarification of terminology used within this article, please refer to our Glossary.

User Accounts

User accounts in Knapsack are tied to a single email address and can be used across multiple workspaces. A user account is created the first time that a workspace invitation sent to a given email address is created. The user account name, avatar, email address, and password are global settings that apply across all workspaces to which the account has access.

Pricing in Knapsack is based on workspaces and associated plans, so there is no specific pricing or cost tied to an individual user account.

Plans and Pricing

The pricing structure for any given workspace (or combination of workspaces) is determined based on:

  • Subscription plan
  • Number of users
  • Service and support packages
  • Customization

Subscription Plans

Knapsack offers two plans: Team and Enterprise. Learn more about our plans here.

There are no feature limitations based on the selected subscription plan. All Knapsack workspaces are enabled with the full suite of core features and functionality described in our Platform Documentation.

Number of Users

Pricing is based on the total number of users who need access to your workspace. Knapsack currently offers three levels of user permissions, which are configured per workspace: Admin, Editor, and Viewer. To discuss specific pricing for your team's needs, please contact

Service & Support Plans

Customers on our Enterprise Plan subscription have the option of upgrading their support plan at an additional fee, typically calculated as a percentage of the overall subscription contract value. In addition, Knapsack is available to provide bespoke services such as workshops and seminars for teams of all sizes. Learn more about our support plans here.


Customers on the Enterprise Plan have the option of working with Knapsack to customize their workspace, including but not limited to:

  • Knapsack interface look and feel
  • Custom content blocks and extensions
  • Integrations
  • Deployment and architecture

Some customizations simply require reaching a minimum subscription threshold and/or support plan, while others may require additional implementation fees. To discuss specific pricing for your team's needs, please contact