Can a Knapsack workspace support multiple organizations?

Knapsack is designed to support teams of all shapes, sizes, and make ups, including those that include users from multiple organizations. 

Each Knapsack user account is global, and can have access to multiple workspaces, with different permissions in each. This enables teams from multiple organizations or who work with multiple systems to jump between workspaces with minimal hurdles.

In terms of system architecture, Knapsack workspaces are very flexible. An individual Knapsack workspace is analogous to a single development environment, which consists primarily of code pulled from a single repo, but can also include assets pulled in via "packages" distributed from separate repos (learn more about node package manager). In much the same way, your complex team could set up multiple repos to feed a single workspace, or set up separate workspaces for each, or some combination of the two.

The best setup for your particular team and working style will depend on a number of factors and priorities, and our Customer Success team is always happy talk through the possibilities with you. Contact us at