Can a Knapsack workspace support multiple design systems?

Yes. Knapsack is an extremely flexible platform, and can be set up in a wide variety of ways to reflect how your team has built (or plans to build) your system and operation. 

An individual Knapsack workspace is analogous to a single development environment, which traditionally consists primarily of code pulled from a single repo, but can also include assets pulled in via "packages" distributed from separate repos ( learn more about node package manager). In much the same way, your team could set up multiple repos to feed (via NPM) to a single workspace, or set up separate workspaces for each, or some combination of the two.

That said, a single Knapsack workspace could be set up to consume and display components and tokens from any variety of external sources, e.g. a Button Pattern Page with a tab each for the coded Button assets from Material, Carbon, Lightning, and any other systems that distribute coded components via mechanisms like npm.

This diagram lays out the standard options Knapsack customers tend to consider when setting up their system architecture.

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