Enabling HTTPS Mode for Local Development

Knapsack supports HTTPS with automatic setup, as well as the option to pass in a custom SSL certificate.

Enabling HTTPS mode for local development

  1. Update your package.json to use @knapsack/app version 3.15.0 or later
  2. To enable HTTPS mode, update your knapsack.config.js file to include the following
  3.   devServer: {
        https: true,
        // uncomment and update these file paths if you'd prefer to use your own SSL cert you've manually created
        // ssl: {
        //   cert: './optional-path-to-SSL-cert',
        //   key: './optional-path-to-SSL-key',
        // }
  4. If you'd prefer to have Knapsack automatically generate an SSL certificate for your machine (recommended!) via mkcert, skip to step 4. No additional configuration required! 
    1. Otherwise, you'll need to manually generate an SSL certificate yourself ( https://web.dev/how-to-use-local-https/) and update your knapsack.config.js ssl config to point to these new SSL certificate file paths.
  5. Finally, start up your local Knapsack dev environment per usual (ex.  yarn start) to automatically spin up a local HTTPS dev server.
Note: the first time this is run, keep an eye out for a prompt asking you to enter in your password. This is required so  mkcert can get your SSL certificate automatically generated and securely registered.